Our Hands-Off Approach

This article outlines how our hands-off Approach works and how we can help grow your business.

Key Points & Strengths of the Hands-Off Approach

  • Referral Fee – Who doesn’t love something for nothing? Refer a client to us and we will give you 1% of the value of the loan;
  • Keep Your Clients – the goal of private lending is to transition the client into traditional lending as soon as possible. This is where you step back into the picture and is what allows you to retain the client and secure their valuable recommendations to friends and family;
  • No Effort Required – Referring a client to us means you don’t have to spend any time or energy worrying about the nuances of private lending and lets you focus on your core business without missing out on this growing opportunity
  • No Risk – You are not investing your own funds;
  • No Cost – It takes up almost none of your time and, therefore, none of your money; and
  • Increased Retention and Conversion – If your clients don’t have to look elsewhere to find a service they need, they are more likely to stay with you.


With tighter lending guidelines, many financially healthy Canadian families are no longer within the purview of Canada’s major banks and are encountering difficulties securing a mortgage. This is especially true for the self-employed (which make up over 15% of Canada’s employment base). As a result, a growing number of Canadians are turning to private mortgages as a solution. This allows them access to the funds they need to secure their home and helps transition them into a lower cost mortgage.

The growing prevalence of private lending represents a significant opportunity for many mortgage brokers. However, the complexities of private lending and the on-going demands of regular business keep many mortgage brokers from being able to extend these services to their existing and potential clients – costing them potential revenue.

At Home Equity Solutions (HES), we regularly partner with local mortgage brokers to extend our services to their clients. The purpose is to help our broker partners increase their revenue and expand the array of services they can provide to their clients, without having to expend time or effort. This service is designed to help you retain your clients – we act as a compliment to your business and never as competition.

How It Works

This section will be short, because we have designed it to be as simple as possible for our mortgage broker partners. Your required input is very minimal and still earns you a referral fee equal to 1% of the size of the loan.

First of all, you find a client in need of one of our services:

  • A potential client is seeking a mortgage, but is unable to obtain one through a traditional lender;
  • One of your existing or potential clients is seeking funds for a renovation; or
  • One of your existing clients would benefit from debt consolidation, but is unable to acquire the funds through traditional lending. At this point you pass the client’s information to us and we take it from there:
  • We will handle the communication, underwriting, and transfer of funds;
  • The client then secures the house, pays for the renovation, or consolidates their debt;
  • After the term of the loan is concluded (typically 12 months) and once the client’s financial situation improves, they can be transitioned into a lower cost, traditional mortgage; and
  • This is where you, the mortgage broker, step back in and provide them with a traditional mortgage. This ensures that you retain them as your client on an on-going basis.

The idea is to allow you to expand the array of services you can offer to your clients. This increases your retention and conversion rates, as your clients would not have to look elsewhere for these services. Furthermore, it grows your revenue without costing you time and energy.