About Us

All of the work we do at Home Equity Solutions has one mail goal: to improve your financial standingand overall quality of life.

We accomplish this through our custom lending solutions and through our educational initiatives.

Custom Lending Solutions

This is where our name comes from. Everyone’s financial situation is unique and we strive to find the best solution for yours. Our experienced brokers are well versed in current underwriting practices and the ins and outs of Canada’s lending landscape.

We offer a wide variety of home equity loans. If a private lending solutions is best for you, then we can place you with you. Alternatively, if a more traditional mortgage solution is best for you, then we will place you with that.

We will never place you with a private loan unless that is the best option for you.

Educational Initiatives

We want you to be comfortable with and informed about the solution we offer you and we want to make sure that you are making the best of your situation. To that end, we provide a number of educational resources.

We have spent a fair bit of time and effort filling our blog with educational content and we are constantly updating it. Even if you are not looking for a loan, we are confident that there is something there for you.

Our FAQ page answers all of the most common questions and is easy to navigate.

We also offer a newsletter with personal finance tips, explanations of our products, and analysis of changing mortgage policies and trends in the housing market.

Who We Help

Persons looking to:

We offer home equity loans (second mortgages). They are typically short-term, interest-only loans that are designed to be rolled into your first mortgage after a short period of time.

This differs from other loan types, where you are often locked in for years and have to make set payments (interest + principal). click here for more details

We strive to provide you access to the equity in your house at the best rate and with the best service. This is not just an abstract goal or empty platitude but a goal that we take very seriously that had led us to offer services that you won’t find at our competitors:

  • Free In-Depth Credit Analysis: Whether you are interested in debt reduction or you are looking to finance a home renovation, business investment, or family vacation, your credit score is important. at Home Equity Solutions, we know how your credit rating is calculated and we can tell you specifically what you need to do to achieve you target rating.
  • On-Going Monitoring of Your Credit Score: Goals are important to set, but difficult to achieve if you don’t monitor your progress. At Home Equity Solutions, we have the ability to check on your credit rating to see what progress you are making.

We strive for transparency, clarity, and honesty. We make sure that you understand the process and we are always happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that you might have. The more informed you are the better, so give us a call or send us an email and we would be happy to discuss a solution that is tailored to you.

Who We Are

Home Equity Solutions is a private lending firm operating out of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our team includes mortgage brokers and economists with years of experience in Canadian housing markets, mortgage rules, and underwriting practices.

What We Do

We lend money to homeowners when the banks won’t, or at least when they won’t offer as much as the client would like.

This can include clients with equity in their home but have unsteady income, self-employed persons, or individuals that have issues with their credit.

Our Services:

Renovate your home Consolidate your debt Finance your small business Deal with overdue taxes or Get a mortgage if you’re self-employed Any number of other issues

Much of our efforts are focused on providing useful, educational content. Our blog is full of personal finance tips, answers to common mortgage questions, and insights into the housing market.

We intentionally don’t fill it with self-promotional content or aggressive sales copy (though you might find some). So even if you are not looking for a loan, check it out. You might find something useful.

Why Do We Do It

We started Home Equity Solutions to help homeowners improve their financial standing and fill what we feel is a large gap left by our competitors. There are other firms that offer home equity loans, but that is where the connection tends to end.

At Home Equity Solutions, we aim to make lasting connections with our clients. We continue to monitor your credit to make sure that you are hitting your goals.

Our core values are more than just catchphrases. They influence every decision we make and every service we offer. We put our core values right up front for you to see:

Helpful – We are always happy to help however we can. There is no obligation, so feel free to ask any question you might have. Innovative – We offer products and services that you won’t find at our competitors Honest – We have no hidden fees or costs. Logical – We know how busy life can get, so trust us that all of our products and services have been designed to lighten your load and improve your finances – never just for show.

Your finances are our top priority and our customer service is exemplary. So if you are curious about how we can help, just give us a call, send us an e-mail, or fill the application to the side.