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Are You Curious Why Home Owners Take Out Second Mortgages?

2nd mortgages or home equity loans can be used for important expenses, paying off outstanding debts, renovations or Children’s education.

Home Equity Solutions offers 2nd mortgages or home equity loans with fast approvals and low rates.

Private Lending in British Columbia

Here are some examples:

Debt Consolidation – Restructure your finances with a smart debt consolidation plan Home Renovations or improvements can increase a properties value. Your home equity can help finance major renovations A home equity loan can help you launch a new business. Finance your children’s education Emergency Expenses – For times when you may need a little extra money.

How Can a Second Mortgage Save Me Money?

Here are some examples:

Lowing interest rates on existing debts Paying off debts to increase credit and then be qualified for the best mortgage rates Paying off income tax debt to allow for approval with the lowest lender rates

So How Much Can I Borrow?

Well, that depends on the value or appraised value of your home. We can lend up to 80% of the value depending on the property type (house, condo, townhouse, raw land, etc) and the geographical area (property location). Our loans start at $20,000 but we have lent over $3,000,000 in the past. Can you also pay interest only or access a 35-year amortization, depending on the deal.