Shadow Mortgage Market In Canada

February 04, 2019

  An Explanation of the “Shadow Mortgage Market” in Canada This article explains what “shadow lending” is in the context of the Canadian mortgage market, outlines third-party estimates of its size and growth rate, and summarizes concerns policy makers have [...]


Canadian Interest Rate Forecast July 2015

January 30, 2019

On the eve of the Bank of Canada’s decision to lower their overnight rate target, we provide a summary of the most recent available interest rate forecasts for the 5-year government of Canada bond yield. There is a little more [...]


Vancouver's Economy and Housing Market has a Bright Future

January 30, 2019

Vancouver’s Economy and Housing Market Outlook A recent report by The Bank of Montreal highlights the underlying strength of Vancouver’s economy and housing market. This article presents the highlights of that report. Highlights BC’s economy is expected to grow slightly slower compared [...]


A Sober Discussion on Housing Affordability in Vancouver

January 30, 2019

Vancouver’s Affordability Problem Housing affordability is a hot topic these days, especially in Greater Vancouver, where single-detached home prices have doubled in the last ten years, reaching $1.1 million in May 2015. Prices like that keep these homes out of the reach [...]


The State of Homebuying in Canada

January 30, 2019

This article highlights recent research into homebuying activity of Canadians. We will focus on sources of financing, housing preference, and demographics. At the conclusion, the reader should have a good understanding of who is buying what, how, where, and why. [...]